Monday, May 18, 2015


Blackwater Suite: Mark W. O'Brien and Gail Allen


along with their bedding and books being packed up, the room is filled with all those moving on but in no hurry about it.

many hands chip in for clean up.

extra food stuff is distributed

cartons of eggs named for poets who will digest them

who’ll take the two open gallons of milk?

Maril will take milk “We were going to buy some on the way home”

but won’t take the near full carton because Bob is going to be away and we only need three days worth.

Grace Panel: Judith Kerman, Helen Ruggieri, David Landrey

large bag of granola and small bag.

whose household has more mouths to feed gets the large bag

will someone please take the Genesee Cream Ale?

if not we may find ourselves drinking from these cans next year because I’m not drinking it.

I’ll just bring it back, a year older and no wiser.

there is a milling of poets with nearly filled backpacks at the free tables.

hoping to snatch up a last few tidbits

a small quiet deal is made about a poem and a little book to put it in

books can be put away for another day – living plants need to find a home.

apple blosssoms - here today/gone tomorrow


John Roche can’t find one for the magical climbing house plant that will grow thousands of yards in

a single year and sticks to walls, windows and roof tiles cutting out sunlight and making doors inoperable.

I can’t imagine why?

he takes his plant back home with him.

the Trade Fair grounds empty only a few staying for the last clean-up.

my two corn flower plants not taken.

my plan to plant them on the grounds at field edge

Michael thinks there is room at his place and takes them ‘

they are beautiful blue flowers

they will spread like crazy that’s the only thing but they are easy to control, just pull up easily

All One Song: Michael Czarnecki and Sue Spencer

I don’t know to tell him: Cornflowers are often used as an ingredient in some tea blends and herbal

teas, and is famous in the Lady Grey blend of Twinings.

I gather extra handouts.

if I get around to it, these can be added to mailings for those who might have been here.

Alan Casline

May 17, 2015
Gell Center

near Naples New York


  1. "Egg Carton Poets!" Coming to a brown bag near you! 😊

  2. Ah, will just have to take it to Albuquerque. You all lost a chance for major mojo. Wrote a poem:

    "Magic Beanstalk Cactus"

    The Magic Beanstalk Cactus grew eighteen feet high in ten years
    Anchored itself by attaching itself to windowsill and growing three feet perpendicular through the wood

    Its ancestor grew all the way to the clouds
    It's said that Joe the Poet first entered this world by descending the
    Magic Beanstalk Cactus
    Someday you might be able to climb its back all the way to the Magic Citadel