Saturday, April 7, 2012


Visit to London from March 26-April 2, 2012. Stuck to the city itself with only side trips by train to city of Bromley to visit one of the few remaining flowing Springs and by river cruise downriver and back to Royal Observatory. The visit was to see my daughter who is studying at University College of London. Was a bit overwhelming because of the number of museums we visited. My observational and interest level was high but after the first thousand items passed my visual stream I started to wear out. I had a list of twenty sacred Springs of London and my wife and son were good sports about trailing along with me as I tried to find them.
Visiting POETS' CORNER was satisfying. A new favorite image is sitting on a folding chair in the POETS' CORNER awaiting inspiration. Took many photos and wrote a few poems.


raven at Tower of London
protects the realm from ill prophecy

Indian Tribes of the United States by Schoolcraft
on the shelf at British Museum of Natural History

tiny beads strung in pattern
at chest of young female mummy

Reynard the Fox German illustrations
from the beginning of Romanism

fake bundles of ancestor’s bones
under sign saying some cultures keep their dead with them

giant turtles and giant bears bigger than SUV’s
their bones reattached to skeletor frames

painted taxi body advertising
Singing in the Rain

at Winchester ask the attendant
“Of course, I know where they keep William Blake”

1500 headless bodies found buried under
the church floor, now nameless traitors

homemade meat pies served by the cook herself
from her kitchen last night, now off a cart at Greenwich Market

oval sand-white stone in pocket
smooth memory of Saint Blaise’s Spring

two wing feathers found side-by-side
in a flowerbed at Royal Observatory

March 31, 2012

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