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50 pages * small press publication *
hand bound and trimmed as perfect bound 8 x 5 inch book

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Alan Casline and Stephen Lewandowski are holding a big powwow for
Rootdrinker Magazine #17. Beginning in 1975 in Canton, New York,
Alan Casline’s Rootdrinker is a long standing magazine of watershed
poetics, folklife, natural history, art, and photography. The magazine’s
legendary tradition is continued with the 2009 publication of BIG
POWWOW. Co-edited by environmental leader and poet Stephen
Lewandowski, the issue draws from work by writers and poets from
throughout the Northeast, many of them early supporters of bio-regional
politics and local culture. The issue presents work concerned with myth
and story, creation of family myth, myth of a shared community, nation
and world.Poems wise in their craft by poets who question both the
representations of native culture and that of topical reality. BIG
POWWOW finds beauty in native sensibilities and rural life.
BIG POWWOW finds wonder in curiosity about animal and human
society and succeeds in celebrating the moment using a confluence of
ideas and visions to praise the natural world.

I see this as a “pebble in the pond” style publication. One small
wave will generate a larger wave. Contributors each given an
opportunity to speak and others the opportunity to hear.
— Alan Casline

Here’s what interests me and might expand on the Powwow
Theme: HOW do we become the equivalents of, if not the natives
of this place. So it’s Powwow Now/How.
— Stephen Lewandowski

The list of materials found in BIG POWWOW includes:

Billy Finnegan
[Waiting for the Train in Figueres]

Mark O'Brien
What if "The Beave" were an Ulster-Scot?

Albert Glover
Mistaken Identity

Alan Casline Not What You Know...
Briefing for the Poem Not What You Know...
Around a Public House Table

Dennis Sullivan
Civil Seer

Walt Franklin
The Stones Deliver a Sermon on the Duty of Staying Home
Headwaters Mountain, 1985

Alifar Skebe
Mockingbird Song

Joseph Bruchac
Between Two Thunders
On Padre Island, Texas

Helen Ruggieri
Rock City Hill Exercises

Gary Lawless
Two for the Po
I still talk to the animals

Stephen Lewandowski
Early Limnology
Not Alone

John Roche
Joe the Poet
To the Red Fox

Barbara Hatch Vink
How Magnolias Smell

Dale Hobson

Karin Spitfire
Be Belfastian: A Triptych

Michael Czarnecki

Contact information for Co-editors:

Stephen Lewandowski e-mail: stachu
Alan Casline e-mail:

Mailing: Rootdrinker Institute
P.O. Box 522
Delmar, NY 1205

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